Interdisciplinary designer with a curious mindset.

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Identity & Branding

Product Strategy

Digital Marketing

Product Design

Identity & Brand Packages

Digital Marketing

Design Research

Graphic Design

Web Design

Brand Development

UX & UI Design

Graphic Design

UX & Product Design


Selected Projects.

Embark on an intergalactic journey to explore my design process


Product Design, branding, web design


Logo Design, branding, graphic design

Modern Dating  

Speculative design, Design Research, Product Design

Morley West Consulting  

Logo design, BRANDING, graphic design

Planned Parenthood Prepared  

DEsign Research, Product Design


My Specialties.

I offer a variety of services tailored to your product needs.

More Detaıls


Primary and secondary research are more important to a project than the actual look and feel of a product or service. I provide in-depth insights to back my design choices and concepts.

Identity & Brand Packages

I design logos and brand identity packages tailored to each client's unique needs and vision.

Web Design

I’ve designed and built various websites using CMS systems such as Webflow, Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, and Shopify. I’ve also custom built websites using HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.

Product Design

I have a passion for creating unique and meaningful experiences for people both online and offline. Simplifying complex systems with a team is exhilarating to me.


I’m Emily, a digital product designer based in Vancouver, BC.

I love building beautiful, functional digital experiences that make people's lives easier. Through my design thinking skills I create human centered experiences with accessibility at the heart of it.


01. Design Thinking

I use design thinking for every product design project.

  •       Clearly defined problem statement
  •       Ideate innovative solutions
  •       Design a prototype to sell your idea

02. Rapid Solutions

My ability to rapidly iterate on my solutions allows for quick improvements and adaptations based on feedback, enhancing the overall design.

  •       Quickly iterate on design solutions
  •       Adaptive design based on user and stakeholder feedback

03. Holistic Approach

I use a holistic design approach to harmonize all elements of a project.

  •       Clear project scope before starting
  •       Honing in on user touch-points throughout the experience
  •       Custom built pitch decks for your business


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