Delphi Logo

October 2023
Logo Design, Graphic Design, Branding

Designed a logo for a tech startup called Delphi. They provide a natural language interface to data, while ensuring safe answers. Users can ask Delphi to make reports, show analytics, and ask questions around their enterprise data.

Instead of navigating complex databases and reporting software, Delphi gathers information and presents it to the user in a concise conversational manner.

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I began by sketching some initial ideas, exploring a side profile connecting to data points and creating more abstract logo iterations. After presenting these sketches to the client and receiving feedback, I imported the selected logos into Illustrator and vectorized them. I then created another round of logo variations featuring the side profile connecting to data points.

Once the icon was complete, I started exploring typography options to complement the icon, as well as color palettes. The client expressed a preference for a sans serif font with minimal or no tails. They decided to go with Maven Pro as the font and a blue and cyan color palette.

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