Creative Jam & Netflix

Infinity Party Website Design

We had 48 hours to ideate, design, and develop a Hi-Fidelity prototype for Netflix using Adobe's XD prototyping software.


UX/UI Designer


Stakeholder Interviews, Moodboards, Primary & Secondary Research, Card Sorting, Flowchart, Hi-Fi Prototype

Project Timeline

48 Hours

Design Challenge

How might we create an engaging online watch party for film fanatics?


Netflix and other entertainment streaming services lack a social aspect on their platforms.


Infinity Party is a website for entertainers and their friends who are community driven and enjoy attending events. While the pandemic has canceled many physical events for event goers, we wanted to create an online space for friends to host their own parties and events. These events involve streaming TV shows, movies, and mini games that allow friends to connect online!


Netflix Brief

Design a third-party desktop website or desktop app (not Netflix-branded) where the community can celebrate shared stories together through communal and authentic experiences.


We had 48 hours to ideate, design, and develop a Hi-Fidelity prototype for Netflix using Adobe's XD prototyping software.

My Role

Miguel and I were teammates for this Creative Jam, we worked collaboratively for most of the process. During our stakeholder interview, I was the notetaker and he was the interviewer.

48 Hours

Day 1

We started with moodboards to understand each others design vision for the project. It was helpful to find similarities in our boards in terms of color, font style, and overall tone.

Once we got the project brief, we decided to start card sorting ideas for our concept. There were a lot of features we were ideating, however we had to narrow down our focus to avoid any feature creeping.

After ideating the problem we scheduled a call with Jeff, who is an active online moderator. During our interview with Jeff we found out some interesting insights that allowed us to narrow down our concept even more and focus on Jeff's pain points with online events. Jeff found that there was a lack of online engagement when attending events and besides Discord there wasn't much else in terms of online platforms to hangout with friends (not including video gaming). We decided to base our scenario off of our interview with Jeff.

Finally after narrowing down our concept to design a streaming event based service we called it a night and would begin the next day with designing and developing the prototype.

Day 2

After a much needed rest we started the day fresh with starting to prototype using Adobe's XD!

We finalized our flowchart, came up with our style guide, downloaded all the needed assets, and discussed the copy for each page before prototyping. We worked long into the night designing together and building out all the components and features to our website.

Day 3

On the last day, we connected all the screens together and tested our scenario to ensure there were no mistakes. We wrapped up the prototype and started on the submission process. It was a close call, but we submitted on time!


Our concept did not place in the top 10. We learned that we didn't stick to the brief in our designed and missed out on a big opportunity to focus more on creating a community streaming platform.



We realized that our concept was too abstract and we should have focused our designs more on the collaborative video streaming feature. In terms of the brief and considering who the client was, we should have improved the existing interface instead of reinventing the wheel. We created everything from scratch in our prototype besides the images we used to showcase movies and TV shows. This took a huge portion of time building out every screen. Instead we should have used a UI design kit to get our concept across which would have allowed us to focus on other areas.