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PTM2: To Do List Summary

Develop a new Time Management habit through the creation of a To-Do list


Project Management


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Moonshots, Phantom Tasks, Daily Tasks, Categories

Project overview

This assignment made me realize that I should create moonshots more often and check up on them periodically. In the past, I was never a diary or goal type of person who would write down things. Instead I would keep my thoughts and aspirations to myself internally. The older I get the more I realize this is not the best idea since these goals can easily slip away or get forgotten. Moonshots seems to be a great exercise to check in on myself and my aspirations over the upcoming years. I find this type of exercise to be healthy to my wellbeing. It is motivational to imagine my future goals of where I might be in the next 6 months, year, or 5 years. 

The phantom task exercise was more of a challenge for me because it was difficult for me to think of tasks that I need to do besides school tasks. My school tasks I have in my  “Spring 2021HW” table on Notion so I tried my best to not include these. Recently I’ve been trying to use Apple’s Reminder app for adding tasks similar to phantom tasks. While typing up these phantom tasks I started to get anxiety and had to complete urgent ones such as purchasing a birthday present for my sister (her birthday is next week), and change my mailing address with my bank. Some of the phantom tasks are recurring weekly such as cleaning the bathroom, bedroom, and checking in with loved ones. I suppose it is good that I do not have a long list of phantom tasks. There are four main categories I came up with in regards to my phantom tasks. The four categories are home related tasks, school tasks, health + wellbeing tasks, and life + relationship tasks. Once I have an internship then I will probably add a fifth category for work related tasks.

Creating a daily task and using the Ivy Lee method helped me get a head start on my day. Usually I would have a mental note of everything I would like to focus on each day, however having a list makes it easier to stay on track. I added the time next to each task which is not following the Ivy Lee method because I wanted to hit all of the tasks today. This daily task looks similar to my Google Calendar of events, although I am more descriptive with the daily task list. When I decide what to work on for the dayI usually view my “Spring 2021 HW” table on Notion to see what upcoming projects or assignments are due on. If it is a project or writing assignment I will start on it earlier and spend a couple hours a day on it to space the work load out evenly. If it is a weekly assignment I try to get those out of the way at my earliest convenience. I will continue to create a daily task and try to use the Ivy Lee method for school related tasks as I believe it will help me in my educational success.

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