Interactive Storytelling

Interaction Relabeling

Find a problem in our group and design a solution for it using Interaction Relabelling.




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Project overview

Amanda lives with a stinky roommate named Jeremy

Chosen Item for Interaction Relabeling:
Hair Dryer

Extreme Characters:

 is a full time student studying psychology at a University. She has a passion for problem solving and understanding people’s behaviors. Being a full time student online, Amanda spends a lot of her time at home. She attends multiple Zoom and FaceTime calls a day working on group projects or attending classes. University has taught her to be organized, clean, and respectful of people’s spaces while her roommate, Jeremy, who is also a Uni student, has not learned these skills yet. Amanda views her roommate differently since they are always home together. Amanda tries to keep an open mind, however sometimes Jeremy’s laid back and inconsiderate personality gets on her nerves

Jeremy:  Jeremy is a stink monster. A mist of stink and flies fly near him like a shadow. Plants droop and grandmas faint wherever he walks. Some say Jeremy must be studied, While his friends give him Chanel No. 5….. every weekend. Is he aware of the smell issue, who knows? Jeremy is going to university and actually takes online classes since he was banned from class for being stinky.  Stink aside Jeremy is a laid back guy who is super friendly at times. It just so happens that he is also Amanda's roommate.

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