Interaction Design Studio 2

Design Research part 1

Researched about employee burnout and created storyboards for each topic: burnout and sensory design, burnout and mental health not being a taboo topic, and burnout and thought based UI.


Design Research, Storytelling, Storyboarding


XD, Google Docs, Procreate


Storyboards, Observation Diary

Project overview

Our Topic: Employee Burnout

Team Members: Emily, Crystal, Miguel, Cole

Observation Diary

I wrote a diary entry in my physical journal for Friday April 23rd, but I've misplaced it while emptying out my bedroom for renovations. Once I find it I will take a picture and upload it.

Saturday April 24th 

I got food poisoning at a restaurant so I spent Saturday being extremely sick.

Sunday April 25th 

I spent half the day doing leisurely things and then helped my family move furniture around the house since they are doing renovations. I spent the evening doing homework, having a call with the team, and organized myself for the upcoming week. I am hoping to get a good night's sleep in order to feel recharged for the new week. Next week I would like to freelance for 10 hours and set up a call with a potential new client. In terms of school I would like to complete my PM case study for MS DOS island. Having weekly and even daily goals of things I want to accomplish helps me stay productive. However, remembering to add personal goals such as reading, watching a show, or exercise helps me stay refreshed and avoid burnout symptoms. Getting a good night sleep on Sunday before starting the week is important to me because it sets my Monday up for success. I like to have very busy Mondays, but sometimes I tire myself out for Tuesday and beyond. 

Monday April 26th

Worked on a freelance project for most of the morning and afternoon. I found this to be extremely refreshing because it allowed me to take a break from school responsibilities while also being productive at something I’m getting paid for. I usually save freelancing for Fridays, however I found that switching up my routine this week made me feel energized and excited to try something new. 

Tuesday April 27th

I realized I haven’t been working out as much as I would like to be and maybe that's affecting my mental health. I haven’t been able to wake up early and I would like to see if working out everyday changes this. I do find that exercise helps me combat feelings of burnout.

Wednesday April 28th

Today I made a to-do list of goals I would like to accomplish and one of them is working out for at least an hour. I'm going to run an experiment to see if I exercise for at least an hour a day will I be able to wake up before 7am easily? As of now it seems to be impossible to wake up before 7am since I'm not having to leave the house or have any morning meetings that requires me to get out of bed in the morning.


Design and Media // Sensory Design

Crystal's Storyboard

Society // Mental Health No Longer Being a "Taboo" Topic

Emily's Storyboard

Technology // Thought Based UI

Miguel's Storyboard
Miguel's Storyboard
Cole's Storyboard

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