About Emily Jane Hicks

I have always had a curiosity for how objects, people, and the world as a whole work. Growing up in a technological world, I am fascinated by the possibilities for humanity.

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My Story

In 2017, I completed the New Media Design and Web Development certificate program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver. This program consisted of various introductory courses in graphic design, web development, and videography.

A year later I relocated to California to enroll in graphic design classes at Santa Monica College (SMC). While working part-time jobs I was able to complete my Associates Degree in graphic design.

I got accepted to the Interaction Design Bachelor's program at SMC. I am thrilled to be part of this specialized program that focuses on user experience design, design research, interactive storytelling, project management, designing for the future, and much more.

I am constantly learning

I believe that learning from the past, focusing on the present, and predicting the future are all connected. Every project or job I've worked on, I learn new things that allow me to grow and help others along the way.

My professional Traits

I bring a unique set of skills and knowledge drawn from my classroom and work experiences. I am curious and always learning to push the boundaries.


Being organized helps me be my best self. I don’t like putting things off until the last minute, instead I start my work early, always meet my deadlines, and manage my time.

Team Player

Being a team player energizes me and motivates me to collaborate with others. It’s fun and rewarding to work together as a team.

Open minded

Being open minded allows me to see the challenges through different lenses. I thrive on different perspectives and personalities which strengthens my contributions.


Being optimistic helps me look for the best in everything. This positive attitude  gets me through the tough times and helps strengthens my relationships with others.

My journey & Experience

My unique journey has allowed me to realize my potential as a designer. These years have been extremely fulfilling, rewarding, and challenging.

2020 - Ongoing

IxD Bachelor's Program- SMC

2019 - 2020

Independent Contractor for web agencies - IMPRiNT & 514Creative

2018 - 2020

AS in graphic design - SMC
*Graduated with Dean's Honor List

2016 - 2017

New Media Design and Web Development Certificate - BCIT
*Graduated with distinction